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Size guide

Necklace - The length indicates the size of the necklace when it is sliced

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Rings - You can measure at a jewelry store that you agree to and use a ring gauge


If not, you can measure the size of our ring in a variety of easy and simple ways.

With our size guide you can easily know what size ring you need to order.

Measuring the ring using a dedicated application - 

There are a variety of apps designed to measure the size of a ring that you have, what you need to do is download the app, place your ring on it and the size of the ring will therefore appear on the screen.

A ring can be measured using the circumference or diameter of the circle, the dimensions on the market refer to the circumference of the ring and its inner diameter.

Measurement of a ring using a wire - measures the circumference of the finger.

What is needed is a sewing thread and a ruler.

Take the sewing thread and wrap it around the finger (be sure to wrap around the thick part of the finger that the ring can enter  )

Mark with your hand the point where the ends of the thread meet and then measure the length of the thread in the ruler - the measure obtained is the circumference of the finger in millimeters.

When we have the length of the wire we can find out what the size of the ring is by a table of dimensions of rings.

If there is no thread, of course you can use a piece of paper and mark with a pen or pencil the meeting point between the two ends.

Note - 

The dimensions of our ring between the left hand and the right hand will not be the same

Measure in the thick spot of the finger_ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Measurement of the ring at room temperature - the finger tends to expand and contract according to the temperature, so it is recommended that the measurement be performed at room temperature.

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Marble ring diameter at your disposal -

The ring should be placed on the thickest part (circle diameter) on a ruler on the side of the inches.

From the inside diameter of the ring you can tell what size I am.

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  bracelet -

You can use a measuring tape, specify the exact circumference of the hand and add an inch according to the desired size - looser or tighter_ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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